zuzanna lit

Zuzanna Lit graduated the Acting Department of Lodz Film School in 2019. During the studies, she collected experience on numerous film sets. She got the school scholarship and won the award at the Morocco Festival in 2018. She starred in the award-winning “Monument” movie directed by Jagoda Szelc. The film “Figurant” with her participation awaits the premiere. Along with her acting career, she conducts women’s circles, designed her own course “The Goddess Awakening”, where in companionship with other women, they nurture femininity, sexuality, creativity and freedom.

born: 1994 | PWSFTviT in Lodz
height: 165 cm/ 5’2″

skills: ballroom dancing, modern dance, singing, skiing, acrobatics, karate

languages: Polish (native), English (fluent)