tomasz schuchardt

Tomasz Schuchardt – one of the most versatile Polish actors. Despite his young age he appeared in more than 50 movies. Two-time winner of the Actors Prize for The Best Actor at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for the leading role in a film „Chrzest” („ Christening”) by Marcin Wrona and for the supporting role in „Jesteś Bogiem” („You are God”) by Leszek Dawid. In 2019 was awarded with Grand Prix  at the Polish Radio and Television Theatre Festival in Sopot for a role in „Wesele” („The wedding reception”) , a drama  play written by Stanisław Wyspiański . He portrayed one of the most outstanding Polish artists Eugeniusz Bodo in a TV series „Bodo” directed by Michał Kwieciński and Michał Rosa. Before he played also leading male roles in „Mur” („The Wall”) by Dariusz Glazer, as well as „Chemia” („Chemo”) by Bartosz Prokopowicz . He cooperated among others with Małgorzata Szumowska – „W imię…” – („In the name of…”) , Jan Komasa –„Miasto 44” („the City 44”) and Grzegorz Jaroszuk –„Kebab i Horoskop” („Kebab and Horoscope”). Three times he appeared in  films  directed by Piotr Domalewski – „Cicha noc” ( „Silent Night”), „Jak najdalej stąd” („As far away as possible”) and „Hiacynt” („ Hyacinth”). He played in historical films such as „Piłsudski” by Michał Rosa, „Wesele” („The reception”) by Wojciech Smarzowski and „Orzeł. Ostatni patrol” („The Eagle. The Last Patrol”) . He took part in criminal productions „Odwróceni. Ojcowie i córki” („The Reversed. Fathers and Daughters”) directed by Michał Gazda and Jan Holoubek, „Chyłka. Kasacja” („Chyłka. Cassation”) by Łukasz Palkowski  as well as in continuation of an iconic film by Władysław Pasikowski „ Psy 3. W imię zasad” ( „The Cops 3”. On principle”) . He played also in comedy movies „ Samiec Alfa” ( „Alpha Male”) and „Chrzciny” („Christening Party”) directed by Jakub Skoczeń. Well-known to international audience for leading role in a Netflix series „ Wielka woda” ( „High Tide”) . The latest productions with his appearance are „ Jeszcze przed świętami” („ Just before Christmas”) , a series „ Krucjata. Prawo serii” („Crusade. Fate repetition”) , awaiting for the premiere night „Strange angels”, a movie „ Jedna dusza” („One soul”) and an international production „ Doppelganger. Sobowtór” („Doppelganger. The Double”).