anita sokołowska

Anita Sokołowska is one of the most popular movie, theatre and TV  Polish actresses. For many years she has been playing the role of one of the four title characters in the television series „The Women Friends” immensely popular series that gathers a multi-million  audience.

She achieved fame before with her portrayal of Doctor Lena in„For Better or For Worse”, one of the longest running and the highest-rated medical dramas running  on Polish TV.

Last year Anita appeared in two premiere movies: „Sharp” about musical talent show, where she played the part of the main character’s Mother as well as in a romantic comedy „How to marry a millionaire” in which  she portrayed one of the leading characters – scatter – brained but enterprising cab driver.

Another film –„Fury and Rage” is awaiting cinema release. It is a gangster crime drama film in which Anita plays the role of a ruthless Counselor.

Anita was nominated for the Telekamera Prize  traditionally awarded by viewers to the most popular artists which makes the prize the most prestigious.

Anita performed in theatres in Warsaw, Lodz and Bydgoszcz. She created many unforgettable dramatic roles and received a number of awards for stage achievements.

One of her  first  major roles was Ofelia in „The Tragedy of Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.

Later on she acted both in postmodern performances with issues of public concern and huge theatre masterpieces. The latest theatre production with her participation  being played on the most magnificent Polish stages is „The Perfect Strangers” based on  hit Italian movie, (Polish title – „It’s nice to lie”).

Anita took part in two TV Shows: „Top Chef. Stars in the kitchen” and „The Brain. The Geniuses” in which she was one of the judges.

She is an extremely active user of Instagram with multitude of 386 000 of Followers. A large part of her profile is dedicated to travelling and climbing that Anita is absolutely keen on.

Anita frequently uses her achieved fame to support charity actions, particulary for women’s rights. Last year she joined a group of Ambassadors for the Foundation La Strada – organisation fighting against human trafficking.